Trail Trotters is a group of friends that like to run modest distances and eat stroopwaffels. We started as a group of runners in the San Francisco Bay Area, but now have members all the way in New York City.


Barry "Good as Gold" Conrad

Barry's running career began on the presigious Monarch High School cross country team. He went on to run a couple of marathons before calling it quits. Then he reluctantly agreed to run some trail races in 2017, which included two 50k's and the Quad Dipsea. Now Barry has his sights on running a faster road marathon.

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Hayley "Jamzzz" Cashdollar

Hayley's running is fueled by loud pop music and subtle dance moves. In 2017 she finished her first 50k and followed that up with speed work. Her 2018 goals include getting PRs at every distance up to a marathon.

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Edmarc "Dave" Hedrick

Edmarc is a PM first, dancer second, runner third. He claims to have retired after completing the Way Too Cool 50k in 2018, but that's unlikely. For the remainder of 2018 he hopes to improve his speed on trails and focus on shorter distances.

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Jason "Daddy Long-Legs" Cashdollar

Jason started running in 2015 after realizing playing team sports as an adult gets harder and harder to organize. He finished a road marathon and still wasn't in love with running until he ran his first trail race. Since then he spends way too much time watching trail running documentaries and signing up for races.

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Pacifica Foothills Trail Run (10k)

Jason (1st in AG, 4th OA)

Montara Mountain Trail Run (20 mi)

Edmarc (2nd in AG)

Jason (3rd in AG)

Way Too Cool 50k

Jason (PR)

Edmarc (PR)

Napa Valley Marathon

Hayley (BQ, PR)

[Upcoming] American River 50


[Upcoming] Zion Half Marathon


[Upcoming] Dipsea


[Upcoming] Double Dipsea




[Upcoming] Crater Lake Half Marathon